effortless performance for Ansible®
Mitogen for Ansible enhances Ansible® with huge performance improvements for UNIX networks.
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big speedups with no pain
Spend less time waiting: playbooks typically run 2x – 5x faster, with some environments experiencing up to 25x. Mitogen works hard to avoid changes to your configuration: just plug in and go

network efficiency improvements exceeding 20x
Long distance operation over slow links becomes practical for the first time, and link capacity bottlenecks are well mitigated. Why run playbooks remotely when they run fine from your laptop?

large reduction in target resource usage
Playbooks steal fewer resources from target machines, allowing lower risk deployments that minimize end-user disruption

much faster file transfer
Natural use of loops to transfer a large number of files becomes practical, as fewer network transactions are used for each file
installation in 2 easy steps
Download and extract mitogen-0.2.8.tar.gz
Modify ansible.cfg
strategy_plugins = /path/to/mitogen-0.2.8/ansible_mitogen/plugins/strategy
strategy = mitogen_linear
Review the detailed documentation if you encounter problems
run a large network? you need Operon
Operon features deep improvements to handle large runs effectively. If you target hundreds to thousands of machines, try Operon
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having trouble?
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