high performance automation for huge networks
Operon is a highly compatible replacement for Ansible® delivering uncompromising scalability for UNIX networks, dramatically increasing maximum achievable throughput and run size
brand new architecture built for modern hardware
Operon features a complete internal redesign with many traditional scaling chokepoints eliminated
vertical controller scaling to 16 CPUs and beyond
Available hardware is exploited more efficiently, supporting very large playbook runs without resorting to clustering
stable, predictable memory consumption
Per-task memory usage is minimized, allowing far more tasks to run concurrently
Mitogen for Ansible as standard
Lower CPU usage, more efficient networking, and much faster task execution come by default
arrange an evaluation
Operon runs alongside your existing Ansible® installation, allowing simultaneous use without risking a working configuration. Chat with us to arrange an evaluation
learn about exciting updates
New features are planned that build on the high performance foundations laid today, subscribe to stay informed