extreme automation for large networks
Operon is a highly compatible replacement for Ansible® Engine delivering uncompromising scalability for UNIX networks, dramatically increasing performance and maximum achievable run size
brand new high performance engine
Performance scales cleanly to at least 24 cores, enabling playbooks to target thousands of hosts without the need for clustering
stable, predictable memory consumption
Improved resource usage allows up to 100x more hosts and tasks to deploy compared to Ansible® Engine, without hardware upgrades
forwards compatibility, guaranteed
A playbook that works with Operon today will always work. Forget time-consuming and dangerous edits during upgrades

Operon installs alongside Ansible® so you can try it easily. Request an evaluation to learn more

low level efficiency as standard
Operon includes revolutionary improvements already enjoyed by thousands of Ansible® users

big speedups with no pain
Playbooks typically execute 2x – 5x faster against a single host, with some environments experiencing up to 25x

network efficiency improvements exceeding 20x
Long distance operation over slow links becomes practical, and link capacity bottlenecks are well mitigated. Why run playbooks remotely when they run fine from your laptop?

large reduction in target resource usage
Playbooks steal fewer resources from target machines, enabling lower risk deployments that minimize end-user disruption

much faster file transfer
Natural use of loops to transfer a large number of files becomes practical, as fewer network transactions are used for each file
stay informed
Features are planned that build on the foundations laid today, subscribe to learn about exciting updates